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o-SINGLE-PARENT-facebookParenting is a wonderful journey (queue vomiting). The realities are quite different from the views you might see in parenting books and Instagram.

Parenting as a couple is the ideal choice to share the weight of responsibility in guiding your brood through the walk of life, until they’re old enough to take their own missteps.

There have been times however where I’ve parented alone, where my wife is away. In these times it’s easy to despair as a Dad.  Thrust into the world of meal planning, homework, bed-time routines, school runs and not least tantrums.  As a Dad though I relish it and love the time solo-parenting.  Don’t get me wrong it’s hard juggling everything but the time it’s the time you have to things your way and our daughter cannot divide and conquer.

When we’re sharing parental duties despite our efforts we descend into open disagreements or are drawn into the kids playing us off each other.  We as parents discipline differently, we play differently, we encourage differently we are very different. Sometimes this suits the kids and they lean towards the favoured choice, or run to the other parent when it’s not so favoured.  When parenting solo however it’s not possible they either lave to live with it or move towards moaning, screaming and eventual time-out.  As a Dad I can encourage her to ride faster or go higher and we can learn from our own mistakes as we make them.

It does seem simpler doesn’t it. For a week or two yes any longer than that and I’m sure I will implode and the children’s pinning for Mum will grow louder.  I like the safety net of shared parenting, it’s not all on me all of the time. It’s just refreshing to be able to show that despite being Dad I can cope, the kids are capable of different challenges and the world stays spinning.

How do you find being Lord Commander of your children?


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