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Politics as a Parent (Voting Matters Far More but Voices so much Less)

As a backdrop I have always been interested in Politics, especially since leaving university.  I haven’t always voted for sure sometimes through laziness and other times as quite simply it’s been impossible for me to choose.  However I have always tried to stay up-to-date with the political landscape and do not consider myself as an ardent supporter of any great party.  Over the years I have voted for Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

As a father I have lived through two elections within a very quick four years alongside a the EU referendum.  Honestly as though life wasn’t earth shattering enough raising two children I’d now have three votes that will determine both their future as well as mine. It’s mind boggling.

Politics as a father in his thirties is a hard place to be, your vote stretches across you and your children.  Firstly what matters most is education of your children and services that they need, this is a very different way of thinking from a pensioner or younger persons point-of-view.  Secondly to this you require safety in knowing that the state can support you to raise your family and attain life goals like owning a family home and a bustling economy that provides good employment and opportunities to further your children and yourself.  lastly you want to ensure the choices you make can lean to a secure future when you are much older.

The attitude I have always maintained is you can vote for a candidate and they have a five-year term to show their worth, no likey no votey.  Yet the three votes we have had since 2013 have been so very different, in particular the EU referendum that quite simply is final.

My approach to each vote has been very thorough, I’ve followed a wide range of press views knowing that free-press is not a reality given ownership.  I’ve followed many viewpoints across social media. Lastly I’ve looked across the information available to determine the best choice.  Hand on heart I have not stood by accepting what any candidate has said without a quick ten-minute google fact-check at least.

Regardless of my vote and accepting the democratic outcome as a Dad I would like to go on record and say never have a I been so angry at the way politics has moved in this country.  With arrogance so much has been taken for granted and gambled by people who quite simply are not in the position of voters regardless of demographic.  The free reign of media being allowed to chose their side and unleash torrent after torrent upon the opposition and voters is mind blowing.  The misinformation doled out by politicians and commentators etc. is frightening. Despite having a vote that covers myself and my children my voice has never felt so small and anger towards our politicians so intense

I genuinely am frightened for my family and the future, it’s hard enough knowing the Digital Revolution is well underway and a direct threat to my job.  So much so that I will take a stake and become more involved in politics as best I can.  However as a small fish in a big pond I can’t imagine how I can make a difference.

How do you feel about politics being a parent?  Do you take more or less interest?



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