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The World Around you as a Dad (Right now Politics and Grenfell

My last post was something of a step change towards general Dad blogging and Dad issues, this is the same. I’ve always looked at the world and issues within it from a viewpoint that it can be made better, I haven’t always contributed to achieve that.  As a father that hasn’t changed but being a father has made the horizons broaden a lot further and emotions run so much deeper.

This week sees the homes of hundreds people in Grenfell burnt down in a fire that wouldn’t look out of place in a big-budget Hollywood movie.  These were not ordinary homes they were homes stacked on top of each other 24 floors high.  Tower blocks built in the 1960’s have been neglected eyesores ever since and this week proven just how unsafe they can be despite millions of pounds of investment to improve the buildings aesthetically.

What does any of this have to do with being a Dad?  Whether a parent or not it’s heart breaking to imagine what those affected have gone through. As a Dad it makes me want to take stock. The dreams I pursue for my children from having the best bikes to best education. The parenting ups and downs faced everyday. This pales into insignificance seeing a situation like this or seeing dead children floating in the Mediterranean sea.

I feel blessed that regardless of all the dreams, hopes and ambitions. Regardless of all the ways my children are hard-done by in this socially unjust world. My children are safe.

Today I am just pro social justice as I always have been. Today though I want to do more than sit and opinionate. I want to see action and drive action.

Theresa May if you ever so happen to read my blog, get your ass down there and hear these people’s stories and personally feel their grief. It’s sickening that you cannot do this.

To Dad’s out there do what you can to support the children that aren’t in your care. Look out of your family bubbles and reach for better for all children.  There’s nothing wrong in wanting the best for your kids but let’s want the best for all kids.

Being a father has changed me. I’ve become fare more mushy and emotional at the world we live in and raise our children in.


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