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Fathers Day as a Father

$_35For years Fathers Day is the time to appreciate your Dad. To show appreciation for all the dogma Dad has been through raising you and any siblings. It’s time to band together to make breakfast, buy a warm jumper or novelty mug and share a dinner and beer (once at legal drinking age).  It’s quaint and Mum’s will ring out the words Dad’s are the all the year round not just for one Day, to which a quip why do you keep having a go every day then could be retorted at your peril.

Ah yea Fathers Day done and back to the daily grind of being a child, regardless of age.

As a father myself I have a new appreciation for Fathers Day. Of course I should now it’s about me. However the day seems to be there to as a smack in the face. You toil as a father both in work and at home to create a balance.  The balance of marital bliss and family harmony.  You work hard ensuring that no crisis is to big and no issue to small.  The year is spent dicing between when to step in and when to clear out. As the battles of each of the 52 weeks pass the same conundrums ring around decisions between the sporting events and beers or the Friday post-work beer.

Oh yes. Fathers Day is a reminder that for the next however many years that your own days of freedom are gone. The weight of responsibility is heavy. You will succumb to the will of the family ahead of your own. That care, tech or Vegas trip you want is gone, replaced by Birthday, Fathers-Day and Christmas jumpers that are Dad-esque.  Occasionally a new iPad or computer as your children feel you can be trusted to use it without bothering them.  Of course the wife will buy the obligatory card for the kids not old enough and wrote a few heartfelt words of not appreciating you enough, before berating you for leaving the towel on the bed again or partaking in some non-Mum approved activity with the kids…

The strongest of men put their heads down and do everything they can for the family and each day you win is a reward in itself. The weakest of men chose somewhere between the bare minimum or nanny to help Mum to leaving the family behind.

Fathers Day is a reminder that you have survived another year as a successful Dad. It is a reminder that you owe your own Dad so much more.  Wear your Fathers Day badge with pride you da man!
Share your joys and thoughts on Fathers Day Dads, hope you enjoy reading my rag and feel free to comment away!


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