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Sassy Threenager’s been awhile since I posted.  So much has been happening of late that time is escaping me and if I’m honest procrastination levels are at maximum these days when I’m sitting in-front of a computer.

On a sad not my Grandfather passed away recently and both my children (the boy is only four months) knew him quite well.  Nia has talked about death before and has an understanding of it to a degree but this was real and as a parent I didn’t want to sugarcoat it in anyway.  I am always honest with her and try to not condescend as a rule.  I will write up our experience of this later on, at the moment it’s a bit overwhelming.

The topic of this post is all around dear daughters new levels of sass.  It’s grown to a level that is becoming hugely challenging to control in a calm fashion.  

Most days now are littered with sass from the “you can’t have this”, “you’re not invited”, “no you listen to me”, “no you’re not comming”, “I want, I want, I want”.  Our son doesn’t have a chance let alone us.  Emotional blackmail is also on the table “you don’t love me anymore, I don’t love you then” when she’s either told off or sees a wayward hug to her brother.
Some of this we as parents need to share the blame, we say no a lot and we can go confrontational before conversational.  Yet not all the vocabulary backing up that sass is ours and I guess this then becomes an exercise of trying to find out who is filling her head with this stuff and how best to limit their interaction.  Some is from nursery, some from family and friends.  Unless we wrap ear muffs to her head and never let her interact with humans we have no choice to accept this will happen and she does gravitate towards sass.

How do we solve this I don’t know as we’re no longer the sole influencers, although we have influenced it and we can try our best to stop.  It’s hard work trying to always remain polite and get thing achieved with a three year old, getting ready in the morning and ready for bed the two most anger inducing times of the day.  This in itself is saddening as next year she will be in school full-time so we’re not there through the middle of the day.  We will keep reminding her to be polite, that please and thank you costs nothing, that excluding people will not make friends. One day between years three and thirteen I hope we crack it…  If not we might have a Joan Collins on our hands which may not be a bad thing.

How do you reign in sass from your kids?  Advice is always welcomed from this Dad…


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