A Dad on a not so lonely quest raising human beings fit enough to survive the cruel world.  The world of the… Dad… (Queue music)…

I’m a Dad and hair-braider in training to a Daughter who is Four and Son who we still count in months.  I maintain some anonymity for the safety of them but will share what I can.

I am not an overly interesting person, work in I.T. (not uber cool folks), my career comes second over the Children but believe very much in working hard (despite the procrastination).  Thanks of the benefits of working from home and not climbing the ladder overly quickly I have had a lot of time for my children.  Although as spending so much time at home with our Daughter strained our parenting I tend now to work from the office more despite the baby boy (He’s lucked out but has a calmer life).

We are Indian and Hindu in heritage but proud Welsh people (Except I can’t speak Welsh and my Wife in English).  As a Hindu I believe we have been gifted a soul to nurture, our decisions for them shapes their own decision making as adults.  We do not own these souls or their future, we have no rights over them aside from guidance.  In Hinduism non-attachment is a misunderstood principle but this is what I believe.

I volunteer in a community centre built and run by a Gujarati’s from Kutch, India.  It’s right to say I’m overly involved as I see the benefit for Children in having a strong network around and a place they feel at home.  The volunteer work enriches what could be otherwise a lonely life and impacts the lives of others positively.  This does take up time and heaps of compromise but place the kids first (as I keep reminding myself there are 52 weekends a year that you can’t have them back).

This blog let’s me track progress and if you’re interested share them with you wonderful parents out there.  My blog will not be either technically nor creatively gifted as the many out there.  I try my best.  I ramble and can be a dick by being preachy, please let me know as it’s a flaw my partner would like addressed.  Thoughts are my own for sure!

Please help me be a better Dad and don’t be shy on commenting.  There are some amazing Dad bloggers out there who inspire, my motivations are like them to share and hopefully hand over to the kids when grown up enough to understand my parenting logic.