Raising a Daughter (It’s Changed Me)

When our first born arrived we didn't know if it would be a girl or a boy.  After nine months of pondering between boy or girl I certainly wondered how to go about raising a girl knowing my family is male dominated, having two younger brothers (lord knows how my Mum coped).  The pull towards … Continue reading Raising a Daughter (It’s Changed Me)

Wheel of Parenting (Grand Prize is Harmony)

Part of being a Dad is knowing when to step in with wisdom and when to step back with grace.  Everyday situations arise that are the culmination of hundreds of factors from sleep to number of minor infractions accrued through the week.  Don't get me wrong before children a couple will play the game as … Continue reading Wheel of Parenting (Grand Prize is Harmony)

Ways to Survive as Dad

The first post was quite woe is me, bleak and whiney. For information I am not generally that way inclined, WordPress however does give me the opportunity to be. As an insight into my character I will describe myself in five words: Resolute Stubborn Obstreperous Positive Altruistic The combination of these things means I can … Continue reading Ways to Survive as Dad

The Patriarchy Sweet Spot

As a Dad I promised to give these two my all. In the generation where it's expected to be nearer 50/50 sharenting, I've found it hard to meet everyone's expectations and needs. Mums are everything I wouldn't dare think as a Dad I could and should be assuming maternal responsibilities, I've spent weeks now keeping on top of the house and our eldest and it's killed me. For me it's learning to achieve equilibrium in a world that has been built around Mum's pulling the heaviest load and carrying the greatest parental share. It's been a steep learning curve where I've failed to hit the nail on the head on many occasions, felt conflicted a lot however these two are the reason to get it right and keep going. Any fatherly advice on modern day dadding from the incredible Mum's and Dad's out there? So many of you have it locked up, sewn up and seem to love in nirvana!