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Nursery, School, Child Care Choices

All choices when raising children are difficult, none more so than who will look after your carefully crafted humans when your not around. The ramifications of these choices are huge as every day in life it's our job to guide these souls on their journey to life. We're not responsible for the choices they make… Continue reading Nursery, School, Child Care Choices

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Dear Second Born (How Lucky You Are)

Hi Son, You're five months old and feel bad that this is the first message of your own. It's been a really mad five months and being totally honest with you whilst we had one-to-one time with your sister soaking it all in, taking hours of mindless videos and planning her every minute of the… Continue reading Dear Second Born (How Lucky You Are)

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The World Around you as a Dad (Right now Politics and Grenfell

My last post was something of a step change towards general Dad blogging and Dad issues, this is the same. I've always looked at the world and issues within it from a viewpoint that it can be made better, I haven't always contributed to achieve that.  As a father that hasn't changed but being a… Continue reading The World Around you as a Dad (Right now Politics and Grenfell

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Politics as a Parent (Voting Matters Far More but Voices so much Less)

As a backdrop I have always been interested in Politics, especially since leaving university.  I haven't always voted for sure sometimes through laziness and other times as quite simply it's been impossible for me to choose.  However I have always tried to stay up-to-date with the political landscape and do not consider myself as an… Continue reading Politics as a Parent (Voting Matters Far More but Voices so much Less)

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Parenting is a wonderful journey (queue vomiting). The realities are quite different from the views you might see in parenting books and Instagram. Parenting as a couple is the ideal choice to share the weight of responsibility in guiding your brood through the walk of life, until they're old enough to take their own missteps.… Continue reading Solo-Parenting

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Parenting MKII (Two Month Review)

Our daughter has had it rough.  As parents we were thrown into the deep-end and struggled big time.  The countless number of books (Mum read not me), NCT classes and advice of wonderful parents never covered the spectrum but offered bite-sized advice for acute issues that when accumulated and became too much. Across previous blogs… Continue reading Parenting MKII (Two Month Review)

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Punishing the Kids = Punishment for Parents (Cause and Effect)

Having previously posted (rambled on) some of the pain points experienced to date, from trying to follow the example perfect "digital" parents to suffering the backlash of our discipline coming back to bite us in the ass, this weekend I intended to have a post full of the joys of parenting.  The computer says.... Ehhh-Errr...… Continue reading Punishing the Kids = Punishment for Parents (Cause and Effect)